Cindy Gentry Designs
Bold Jewelry to Delight Your Soul!

About Cindy

As a child I was driven to create with my hands. I loved working with clay, painting, fabrics, all sorts of materials. Always inspired by the nature around me, it’s colors and shapes giving way to more ideas.

Although life sometimes gets in the way I always kept creativity as part of my lifestyle. While spending the last 30 years as a business woman in the financial services industry I always tried to find time to nurture my creativity. One of my first loves was working with stained glass as I was drawn to the beautiful colors and textures.

In 2006 I was introduced to lampwork glass, and was fascinated with it. I was hooked! It took me several years to gather all the proper equipment but once I had I enjoyed every minute I was able to sit in my garage studio and make glass beads. Primary self taught going through Corina Tettinger's book. Once I felt comfortable I started taking weekend classes with well known lampwork artist. I was privileged to be taught by Kristina Loga, Heather Trimlett and Pati Walton.

It was when I learned how to make glass cabochons that it took me in a whole new direction in jewelry making. I had been string my beads but now I needed to learn how to set my cabochons to create the type of piece I wanted. I dove into silversmithing, primarily self taught with the help of YouTube!

I learned how to etch silver to give my pieces texture, then discovered how I could utilize my own mandala patterns into my jeweler which I believe helped me to gain my own voice in my pieces.

My work brings balance to my life and happiness to my soul and I hope the same will happen to all the women and men that delight in my pieces.