Happy Customers

OMG Cindy! My very first custom design... I love it so much! thank you for the best Christmas present ever!

Gwin B., Marietta, GA

It is the mandala pattern aspects of your jewelry that drew me in and made me think that this would be perfect for what we want…….not too maudlin……but more of a remembrance with a connection to the universe and meditation, besides being beautiful.

After my father passed last January, my brother was adamant that my niece and I should both receive a piece of jewelry as a remembrance of the last 5 days and nights we spent together with my Dad.  Needless to say to say, it was quite the bonding experience for us.  It was difficult, but yet rewarding.  At the time, she was adamant that she not receive anything because it felt too much like “payment.”  Upon receiving your response and further family discussion regarding a way to help her gracefully accept this gift, we decided that we would also like you to make a necklace (pendant) with the same (similar) pattern.  Then she would have the choice of necklace or bracelet and then I would take the other one so that we would wear them as a remembrance.

Marilyn L., Portland, TX

I just love my necklace, it is unique and beautiful!

I am drawn to Cindy’s pieces, her style is so distinctive, and her jewelry so meticulously crafted. The lampwork glass if full of color and vibrance.

Cathy A., Corpus Christi, TX

Your work is beautiful! It was the only thing that caught my eye at the Art Festival. I look forward to showing it off!

Charlotte T., San Antonio, TX

I love my new earrings from Cindy. I get lots of compliments and will definitely watch for new creations!

Debra S, Austin, TX

I love the jewelry, you are a great artisan, the pieces are heirloom quality. 

Sharon D, Harlingen, TX